Redundancy and IT Solutions

In IT world, redundancy is the key to reliability. It is a fact of life that hard drives fail; but having redundant, mirrored hard drives can protect your companyus valuable data when it happens. Whenever possible, Allora stresses the importance of redundancy for critical components of your infrastructure. Not only do we recommend mirroring your server's hard drive; but we utilize redundant solutions for bandwidth, power, server availability, workstation availability, and email.

Allora also provides another form of redundancy that you may not have considered: redundant network technicians. Every customer is assigned a primary and a backup technician; we keep consistent records of vital data that allow the backup technician to be of good service, if the primary technician is unavailable. An independent contractor or a dedicated staff person will eventually need a vacation (or might fall ill). When that happens, who will take care of your network if there is a problem? Allora will be there for you.