Our Hours of Operation

We understand that it may be necessary to labor outside of normal business hours. For example, you may prefer to schedule services that require network downtime after your staff has left for the day. Or perhaps you'll need us to beat a deadline. In any case, our after hours rates are higher (as indicated on the rates page). Below are our official hours and holidays:

  • Normal Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM, except holidays (see below).
  • Extended Business Hours: all hours outside of Normal Business Hours except holidays (see below).
  • Allora Holidays: Allora observes the same holidays as the federal government: New Years, Martin Luther King, George Washington, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Columbus, Veterans, Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.
  • All of our employees also get their birthday off, as well as flexible hours and good benefits (see our employment page for more information). Nevertheless, another Allora technician will always be available, except on the holidays explicitly mentioned above.

We are available to all of our customers during Normal Business Hours (NBH). Customers may also schedule services during Extended Business Hours (EBH) but we do not guarantee that we'll be available for Customers outside of Normal Business Hours, unless stated in your Customer Agreement. Receiving service during Extended Business Hours requires the agreement of your technician (or an alternate). If you want guaranteed service during Extended Business Hours (and beyond), then this must be stated in your Customer Agreement.