Managed IT services for Small Business - video

Allora Consulting provides technical support for small and midsize businesses in Raleigh Durham area.

We created a short video that would help you understand our way of providing Managed IT services as governed by Allora's Contract system based on four principles.

1. A proactive approach always beats reactive because it is cheaper, easier and significantly less stressful. Schedule for inspection and maintenance is essential.

2. Allora is legally obliged to start resolving a reported issue within one business day

3. We reward clients with 25% discount on hourly rate for all pre-scheduled services

4. Allora's customers can always review provided services prior to getting an invoice. Unlike most competitors we don't impose a minimum monthly fee based on the amount of computers in exchange for a vague promise to be there for you or monitor something. We provide actual service and only bill for tangible work.

Please, feel free to contact us to schedule a one-hour free consultation to see how Allora Consulting can service your organization.