Managed IT services & IT Solutions in Raleigh NC

Allora Consulting is devoted to helping our customers get the best possible return on their investment in technical infrastructure. We provide managed IT services to small and mid-size businesses as well as non-profit organizations throughout Raleigh Durham area and central North Carolina. Our IT support services encompass a variety of IT Solutions, including secure and reliable computer networks, Internet hosting, Private cloud services and custom web development. We provide three types of managed IT services for our customers:

  1. IT Consulting

  2. Execution of proposed IT Solutions

  3. IT Support Services

If you wish to see how Allora can help your business and address your IT needs, please don't hesitate to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We will gladly meet you at your place of business to discuss how our IT services can help your business grow stronger, in light of your current resources and your existing business processes. In rare cases that we are unable to resolve your IT needs our consultants would gladly recommend suitable companies to achieve your goals.

Occasionally we hear from new customers that have an immediate and urgent need for IT support services. We are accustomed to grappling with new situations on-the-fly, and we can usually schedule an emergency support call within the same day. The support labor would be billable at our standard rate structure, but we are happy to schedule the free initial consultation at a later date, once the emergency situation has been resolved.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive IT services for all of your IT needs, but we are quite comfortable working as a part of a larger team. If you already have a systems administrator who is overloaded by your company's support needs, then consider Allora as an alternative to hiring another staff person, to help manage the overflow. If you already work with a web design firm, we can complement their efforts, and focus on system administration. 

Our managed IT services cover
these types of IT needs in Triangle Area
(Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary NC):


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you found a service you are looking for in the list above. If you feel you need more information about our firm it is available at this link: IT services Company