Customer Profile: APPCNC

When the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of North Carolina (APPCNC) moved into a new space, Allora Consulting built their computer network from the ground up.

"Over the past 8 years the service has been unparalleled, with few system outages, prompt support and a total commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As a result we continue to refer our own clients and business partners to Allora for IT support and development solutions."

Michele Rimmer, APPCNC Office Technology and Web Administrator.


As a 501c-3, APPCNC was especially concerned about costs - so Allora designed a server-based network which enabled APPCNC to store data, print and communicate easily with shared resources (file, print and exchange servers). It also ensures reliability - by enabling backups from a central source.

Allora also created a remote web workplace for APPCNC which allows staff to access their files when they are away from the office - an important feature since APPCNC conducts trainings and other programs in communities across North Carolina.

Allora continues to support their installation of APPCNC's network with on-call support and timely backups.

"We are proud to have been one of Allors first clients. Throughout the years Allora delivered many top-quality services including:

  • Build, install and maintain a versatile network based on a server running Small Business Server
  • Provide backup hosting for APPCNC email
  • Extra hard drives for easy backup
  • Roaming profiles that allow employees to work from multiple workstations and still access their individual settings and preferences
  • Fax server that enables direct faxing and eliminates the need for printing and standalone fax machines
  • Exchange server to handle email and organizing; and finally, software that runs a Fundraising Database"

Kay Phillips, APPCNC Executive Director.